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See How a Specialty Pharmacy Increased Page Views for Their Premium Content by 411%

Access the Case Study from UberFlip Featuring Avella &
Prism Global Marketing Solutions

Avella Uberflip Case Study.pngThe overall objective for this client's content marketing was to differentiate themselves within their niche market to both their healthcare providers and patients.

Over the course of 6 months, this specialty pharmacy leveraged the Uberflip platform combined with the HubSpot integration to:

  • Increase Unique Visitors by 808% by directing their traffic to a single location.
  • Increase eBook and White Paper views by 411% with the ability to actually track engagement using Flipbook metrics.
  • Increase links clicked by 540% by boosting overall engagement with their content.
  • Increase Unique Pageviews by 1899% with an experience that encouraged further content consumption.

Access the case study to learn how HubSpot integrated with UberFlip can drive content conversions and analytics.  Simply fill in your information to access the digital version of the case study.