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Increase Organic Traffic & Lead Generation with an Integrated
Inbound Marketing Program

Prism Avella Case StudyAre you looking to increase your website's organic traffic and lead generation efforts?

A healthcare organization needed to personalize its website's patient and customer experience to drive more engagement and lead activity.

During the initial six months with this organization, the Prism Global Marketing Solutions team leveraged many HubSpot tools to provide actionable insights for delivering powerful, targeted content to its customer segments to improve various aspects of its digital marketing program.

As a result, working with a HubSpot consultant, the healthcare company was able to:

  • Increase Online Conversions by 38%
  • Increase in Website Traffic by 400% 
  • Increase Organic Traffic by 200%

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Note: This case study was originally written in collaboration with HubSpot and was featured during the INBOUND conference keynote, showcasing customer success using HubSpot.