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Increase Organic Traffic & Lead Generation with an Integrated
Inbound Marketing Program

Prism Avella Case StudyAre you looking to increase your organic traffic and lead generation efforts from your website?

A healthcare organization needed to personalize the patient and customer experience on its website to drive more engagement and lead activity.

During the initial 6 months with this organization, the Prism Global Marketing Solutions team leveraged a number of HubSpot tools to provide real-time, actionable insights for delivering powerful, targeted content to its customer segments to improve various aspects of their digital marketing program.

As a result, the healthcare company was able to:

  • Increase Online Conversions by 38%
  • Increase in Website Traffic by 400% 
  • Increase Organic Traffic by 200%

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Note: This case study was originally written in collaboration with HubSpot and was featured during the INBOUND conference keynote showcasing customer success using HubSpot.