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Case Study: Improve Your Email Marketing Performance with Send Time Optimization


Discover how email send time optimization can improve your email marketing performance.

By leveraging HubSpot and Seventh Sense, a HubSpot integration, learn how a company saw an impressive increase in email open and click rates, website sessions, new contacts, and re-engaged dormant contacts from email.

As a result of highly personalized email marketing and automation, this organization achieved the following:

  • Agricen Case Study Image-293% increase in emails opened
  • 55% increase in emails clicked
  • 178% increase in website page sessions from email marketing

  • 62% increase in new contacts from email marketing

  • 225% increase in re-engagement of dormant contacts

  • 20% increase in revenue

Simply fill in your contact information to access the case study and see how you can use personalization and send time optimization to improve your email campaigns.