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Before & After Case Study: Increase Traffic, Qualified Leads, and Customers Working with a HubSpot Consultant

Do you need to increase your inbound marketing activity and maximize your use of HubSpot?  

This case study details how a company was utilizing HubSpot for approximately 1.5 years without the help of a partner. They were looking to maximize their usage of HubSpot to see the true ROI of the tool, streamline their marketing and sales operations, and improve their lead generation and customer acquisition numbers.

Before and After Case Study Image-2Over just 6 months, by leveraging a strategic approach to inbound marketing and working with a HubSpot partner to help achieve these goals, this company saw a:

  • 15% Increase in Website Traffic
  • 49% Increase in New Leads
  • 31% Increase in New Customers
  • and much more!

Simply fill in your information to access your copy of the case study and learn how you can achieve similar results.